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Bill Payment & Presentment

cfd Banking Services's Bill Payment & Presentment service allows you to receive, view, manage, and pay your paper and electronic bills with ease. You can schedule payments 24 hours a day and there is no limit on the number of bills you can pay each month.

Bill Payment and Presentment allows you to:

  • Pay virtually anyone in the U.S.*
  • Have bills presented to you electronically with an e-bill. E-bills provide the same information found in your paper bill.
  • Set up automatic recurring payments and schedule one-time payments in advance.
  • Categorize payees for easy tracking and payment reporting.
  • Receive email notification when a bill is paid or received, if an e-bill is not received or a payment has not been scheduled.

It's easy to add Bill Payment & Presentment to your account. Simply log in to your account and complete the registration form. In just a few seconds, you will be able to begin setting up your payees and payments in the same session.

* Court-ordered alimony, child support, tax payments, or any other government related payments cannot be made through the Bill Payment and Presentment service.